Gaspro Global Resources
Transforming the Nigerian Gas Market
Gaspro Global Resources
Transforming the Nigerian Gas Market
Gaspro Global Resources
Transforming the Nigerian Gas Market
Gaspro Global Resources
LPG – Clean Energy, Eco-Friendly Choice

About us

As part of the AMP Group, GasPro is active in the gas markets as a leading supplier of Gas and associated products to the residential, commercial and industrial segments of the Nigerian market. GasPro operates an efficient, safe and reliable plant operations to serve our customers’ immediate and long-term needs. Our flagship gas plant, is at the forefront of the eco-friendly and environmental transformation of the gas markets, delivering various range of gas product and solutions to meet market demands.

At GasPro, we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. For us, this means complying with all governmental, environmental and sustainability objectives to better serve our customers and the communities in which we operate.

Our services

  • Gas Supply
  • Gas Transportation
  • Gas Terminal & Storage
  • Gas Field Processing

We do bulk and retail supply of LPG and CNG to homes, businesses and industries. We also provide supply to our off-grid and on-grid customers all year round.

Off-grid customers: We supply LPG via cylinders from our various gas plants to homes, businesses etc and Autogas from our various strategically located LPG plant or station.

On-grid customers: We do connect various homes and estates to gas supply via a piped network nationwide with state of the art metering systems where the supply of gas is all year round with no breaks.

Power Generation: We provide gas supply i.e. LPG and CNG to fuel industries and power generation.

GAS Pro has developed competence across the gas value chain and in keeping our promise, we ensure efficient delivery of products to our network of stations and customers across the country, we own and operate a fleet of tank trucks. And we also provide support to other businesses that purchase products from us. There is a constant periodic review of our tank trucks acquisition frequently to ensure a healthy environment and the fleet meets international standard at all times.

In our quest to deliver excellent service to our customers we currently have strategic partnerships to enable us to operate a bulk storage facility for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).  With a plan to build our own facility within a short time, that will operate on international standards, with an enviable health and safety record.

We are looking to expand in the future so that our assets will enable us to keep serving our customers with optimal efficiency.

With our promise to ensure efficient supply of safe and clean products while protecting our environment, the team at Gas Pro identifies various gas fields where we can deploy our modular gas processing plants to produce and process various Gas products such as Compressed Natural Gas, Butane, Propane, etc for the Nigerian market and beyond.

This investment is a commitment to ensure Nigeria go green and supporting the government policy to ensure we make use of our huge gas reserves to power homes, businesses and industries.  We are strategically positioned for the industrial revolution in Nigeria.

GasPro is dedicated to the safety of our customers, personnel and the community in which we work and live

Corporate Head Office

11 Alaba Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone Lines

+234 (1) 631 1277 (Nigeria)
+234 (1) 631 1278 (Nigeria)
+234 (1) 631 1279 (Nigeria)

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